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The Best Puppy Training Treats – Bring into Healthy Dog

5 Essential Commands to Exercise in Dog Training

We have to train dogs to behave as we expect from dogs. We all know that if we offer foods or any treats to our dogs, they get excited to eat the foods. Right? Yes, This is the way to motivate them quickly. In the study have shown that 90% of dogs are motivated by foods. In such case, Treats play a lot to get a response from the dogs, and this will help you to train them easily. So, be sure the foods or treats must be liked your dogs and have a pleasant smell. To bring healthy life for your puppy, learn about their likes, dislikes, and allergies then select foods or treats for dogs.
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How to Exercise Essential Command to New Puppy?

Dogs don’t know the meaning of any word in the world. So, they will not understand the meaning of your words unless they are used to those particular words. Your four-legged friend will sit down whenever you say “sit down” That’s very interesting. It is not difficult to make new dog habits. The key is to take action by following the right rules.

You need to know well what he needs – unnecessary, likes, dislikes. This will make it much easier for you to treat him. Treat him during training. Take special care of his. Avoid getting him confused. Continue to teach him one by one. Emphasize that he can easily control your gestures. Treat him as easily as you can. This will increase his interest in training, and he will be able to quickly create any practice.

Start by attracting him to yourself, Eye contact will play a very important role. Continue to give him a little handheld treat. Continue to give your dog a guide through the treatment. Also, be sure to change the outlook for the treatment.

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Make it a routine practice for your dog for a period of 15 – 20 minutes to make any new habits your dog. Repeat with his name repeatedly to make the time spent training with him a little more interesting and use the following five effective commands Look at me, Sit, Stop, Come, Ok. Treat him as soon as he starts responding to your command. The easier the training, the easier it will be for your dog.

The first command: Look at me –

Start with this little word. Use this word to catch his attention. During the training, use this command while sitting facing your dog, treating your dog as soon as he responds to your command. Introduce him to this word by treating him. He will listen to the command, when you can draw his eyes to yourself. Create Eye Contact – Use this command between you and him.

Second command: Sit –

Your dog is jumping a lot you can use this little word to calm him down. During the training, ask him to sit down. Try to explain not just the command as well as the hands. Treat her as soon as he is told to sit down. Thus make it a habit of sitting.

Third command: Stop –

Use this word if your dog is not doing what you expect from him. During the training, use this word according to its movement. Teach him a word one by one, when in such a situation the command should be tailored to that the situation. By using this word you mean to your dog now refrain from doing so.

Fourth command: Come –

The easiest word for a dog is “Come here.” During the training, do this command by keeping a short distance between you and your dog. Of course this command will be done after the habit of sitting him down. This will make it easier for you and your dog. During the training, periodically command and treat him. Until, he will get used to it.

Fifth command: Ok –

Although this word is small, it is most difficult for the dog to understand. Introduce this to the command, when he or she receives your treatment during training. That means you want your dog to understand that you can do this now — that it’s right for you now.

Always treat him with something he likes. This will increase his interest in training in a short time. Explain the relationship between you and your dog. During dog training, continue to adore him. Continue to apply his favorite treat as a little rewards. You can easily create any habits for your dog by applying a favorite treat and short words.

Start with small words, then apply words as needed. Big word programming is not required at the beginning of training. Treat him simply, never confuse him. Continue to build his habits as well as giving his rewards. During the training, take special care of his movement. Continue to apply your words according to his movement without giving him a direct command. This can make it easier for a dog to properly learn anything in less time.


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