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5 Key Things Dog Treats Training Tutorials Cover

Article title: 5 Key Things Dog Treats Training Tutorials Cover

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Because there is so much information online today, you can find virtually anything that you want to about a wide range of different topics. From learning how to feed your dog healthy foods that will not destroy their little digestive systems to finding the best tutorials on how to train your dog with treats, there is a host of valuable information on these topics and more. Therefore, if you want to learn more about dog treat training tutorials and what’s actually covered in them, here are 5 key things that today’s dog treat training covers.

1. How to Illustrate Your Command

Whenever the format of a dog training tutorials is designed, they usually start with pragmatic steps that every new dog owner can follow. The goal is to create a training program that will make it easy and clear for the trainer and the dog to follow through with ease.

Typically, because dogs do not inherently understand any specific spoken language, they will need specific commands to be illustrated. By illustrating the command that you are giving them first, it makes it easier to relate to the command that they are verbally given. For example, if are commanding your dog to sit, you may want to give them a nudge first. You can do this by gently nudging the dog’s bottom to the ground. Here’s the order in which this should be done.

1. Command your dog to sit

2. Gently nudge the dog’s bottom to the ground

Or, you can use another example to illustrate the actions that you want to take. For example, another person (friend or family member) can take that same position in the following steps.

1. Another person will get down on their hands and knees

2. You say the command – Sit

3. That same person will then imitate that actions of what a dog would do

4. Once that person follows the command, give them reward for doing it.

Though this may sound a little silly, this is a very effective way of illustrating the command to your dog. Also, once the dog has watched someone else follow the command correctly, they can also imitate these actions, especially if they are looking to be rewarded with a treat from the owner.

2. Show Off The Treat

As you have learned to implement the first step of your dog treat training tutorial, the next essential step is to show off the treat to your puppy. You should make sure that you are giving your dog a treat that they really love and cannot resist. By paying special attention to the type of treat provided, you can increase your chances of the dog obeying the command.

Also, when you are getting started with your plan to train your new puppy or new dog, you need to make sure that they clearly recognize the treat that they will be given. Just make sure the treat is small, and something that they can eat without messing up their digestive systems.

3. Show Your Excitement

Even though you are giving your dog treats to promote obeying specific types of commands, you need to put in place other similar measures. One of the most essential is getting the appropriate feedback from your pet. You can also do this by showing a certain amount of excitement, too. For instance, whenever your dog obeys your command, you should show an overwhelming amount of excitement for approval. Here is an example of what you should do.

1. After the dog follows your command correctly, rub their head.

2. Give them their reward/treat

3. Show your excitement and showering them with affection

4. When you do these steps over and over again, your dog will begin to understand the process, and will act accordingly.

4. Enforce the Command By Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

The next step in the process of training your dog to obey your every command is to reinforce what they have learned. You can do this part of the process by repeating the same command over and over again. And, at the beginning of the learning process, you will still reward your dog with a treat each time that they obey.

5. Gradually Decrease Attention

As mentioned earlier, you need to make sure that you are rewarding your new dog with treats. This is an essential part of making sure your commands are obeyed. However, after about 10 to 15 times of your pet getting it right, you need to begin to reduce the amount of attention that you are actually giving them. For instance, you may need to reward your dog with a verbal approval (i.e. with a good boy/girl pat on the head.

In fact, you can do this method comfortably instead of giving your dog treats that they can eat.

You should also make sure that you are mastering one command at a time. For example, after your pet has learned the command ‘sit’ successfully, you move to more basic commands until you have learned every command that you want them to know.


There are many different things that you can do to train your dog when you bring them into your home. Based on your situation and your preference, you may be able to pick and choose which training method is best for you. So, before getting started, you may want to check out the basics of several different dog training tutorials to see what they entail.

Typically, the best dog training tutorials cover a wide range of essential key things. Five of the most effective include illustrating the commands that you want them to do, showing off the tasty treat to your dog, show your excitement when they obey your commands, enforce the commands given over and over again until they are mastered, and gradually reduce the attention that they are getting by the way of a treat. All of these 5 keys are designed specifically to fully cover a well trained puppy that knows how to quickly obey the command that is given.

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